Dig this bike from Tom Fugle's blog


Last Week


 Aussie Chris got this bike in a box hours before this photo was taken

'57 in progress

Chowers party

I didn't realize when i took it, but theres a flathead, knucklehead, panhead, panshovel, gen shovel and cone shovel in the photo. 50 years of motors, pretty cool

Thee one and only Wilbur


Larry Pierce

The world lost a great man recently. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family, friends and loved ones. Rest in Peace brother


This Saturday get on out to the hippy killer event, always a great time.

Get ready for some good times this weekend.



CZ store is back up with a bunch of new junk.
will be adding more stuff in the next couple days,
--------> CZ STORE

Mummies on Monday


Art. Fart. Film. Blilm.

Stepped up my camera game from the canon marlboro point and shoot to an AE-1 my Brother gave to me. Im pretty stoked on it, been fun just shooting stuff i like and not really knowing how to do it so the Outcome is always exciting. 

It's nice to be able to hold photos in your hand too.


ome of these are from texas and some from central CA. enjoy....


Get Down

War Wednesday - Slip on into  some darkness


Boat Trippin

Just returned from a Boat trip in the Mentawai islands.
Its a small group of islands off of Indonesia.
 hands down it was the best surf trip I have ever been on.
I can't explain how good the waves are and with water that feels like a bathtub.
we didn't see one surf boat the entire 2 weeks on the boat.
The people, food, waves, and memories, are just starting to soak in.
Big thanks to the Huntington Surf & Sport family.
photos ////// Ryan Mclaughlan