For sale 1968 TriumPh t120
contact rat_zombie85@yahoo.com  sold


for all u out there in the internet world here is The new Dice magazine cover.
And a Few bichin pics of my good buddy Scott Stopnik.
His Shovel is lookin pretty darn sexy.

For $alE

60s NOS Flanders Triumph stickers 10 in a pack sealed .


Swap meet find.
a box full of  Hot rod magazines and they were all in monthly order 63-67*


morerooster pics

This points cover just rules all
joe's beautiful knucklehead

Buy a (((noise))) shirt you'll be glad you did

rooster cafe .....

t bone finally got his kid surfing


cool shot of john edwards taken from joyride

Went to pedro skatepark today....
The new section they just finished is amazing so smooth  & fast.
Ankle started hurting so I shot a few pics of the Turk and My buddy Troy Elmor
they were skating good.
Real rad place if your in the area check it out.


HanGin it all out*
I really hope I'm as happy as this dude when I'm old

A couple fixed gears I built up last month.....
and I just sold my Bridgestone.
Kinda a bummer