"TINY BUBBLES" lives on!
This was the bike I got hit on in Feb 07.
 The bike has gone through a total makeover . Thanks to Blue moon kustoms, Tbone, Born loser, Drews, and Pops for some  hard to find parts. IT has been complete but not running for about 9 months now, just sitting in my garage looking pretty. it was one of those things I almost died when i got hit on it so i didn't care to get it going. 
 I had to  Put the past behind me, and just ride Expecting every person on the road is out to kill you with there car. 



Mike D. said...

With casts on both feets ! How did you get on the snug pantalonies?

rat zombie said...

Thanks mike d for checkin the blog.

If you got any cool chopper fashion tips send em my way.

Chris / Blue Collar Moto said...

If you want fashion tips check out last weeks posts on the JJ. Friday art and the bash.

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