not cool

The other day I was leaving my dads house and they had the road blocked off, so I walked down to see what was going on.
A car accident, but only one car and one jacked up bike.
A very sad thing to see and think of the person who was on that bike.
This was only one street over from where I had a lady pull out in front of me.
It puts everything into place and makes you think about those people that aren't paying attention to all the motorcycles out there.


circus leo said...

yeah "look twice save a life"
that should become the 11th commandment for all car drivers!!!

LUCKY said...


Chris / Blue Collar Moto said...

Whenever I pass a bike wreck I slow down and wish I could do something for the guy/chick. Seen some bad ones on the 405 at the end of the 605 where it curves.

reginald surict said...

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