54 triumph

Just gave this thing a face lift.
Thanks to Goose for throwin a bone my way.


God said...

so THAT's what i was hearing while we were on the phone... FML!!!!

super sick scotty.


Thee Cormans said...

hey man nice tanks

goose said...

WOW! lookin good scotty!

Stretch said...

Scotty - Is that the same swingarm pre-unit as with the tack drive cam cover but switched up or is this an entirely new bike? Nice stance and that p-pad is amazingly slender. After seeing a slew of rigid triumph its nice to see a swingarm. Kinda Rebel Rousers style. I like it!

rat zombie said...

New bike
still have my 55 as well.
Keep the fort down at GW swap, i've missed a few weeks.
and if dennis is interested in selling one of those black plates let me know.