Tyler Hatzikian is one of the most insane surfboard builders out there.
He has been shaping and glassing boards since he was 12 years old and shaped over 500 surfboards before he graduated
High school.
He was an apprentice for Hap Jacobs as a kid and still shapes and glasses all his own boards start to finish.
This past few months I started riding for him and am working on a new model that will be out by fall.
Here is a link to his website Tyler Hatzikian
Enjoy the video.


Danimal said...

I used to live right at El Porto. Saw him surf numerous times. Insane. Jetty bowls. Pitted on logs.

By Hand and By Brain said...

Single Fin Yellow!!! love that flick-When I lived in Venice we used to watch tyler off that jetty-people would just clear out cuz his style is so fluid...

reginald surict said...

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