Brett Ludwig said...

I found these videos on youtube also the other day.There awesome.I posted one on my blog too.

JLee said...

reminds me of Style Wars, but about skating not hip hop.

SJ said...

exactly. I'm a New Yorker, we didn't have this here (I was a friend of Andy Kessler's RIP)
any body riding a board in the 70s in New York was kind of crazy. Too much glass on the ground.

@Brett Ludwig, THANKS FOR THIS FIND!!!
Love this shit.
This narration/voice over is so fuckin' "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom"-corny.
I love it.
---Constantineau and Alva. Gods to me when I was a kid here in NYC.
Goona go wtach the rest-Great Blog.

The FIsh said...

holy shit skatopia looks fun