24 hours

Drove up to san francisco last week for the day,
left at midnight and took highway 1 all the way up,
never been up there and let me tell you it is a 
beautiful drive all the way up, got up there around 10:30 
checked out most of the spots and did the tourist deal 
hung out for a bit and left at around 3:45 and took the 101
home, drove back into HB around 11:30.
Had a total blast, wanna go back up and spend some more time up there.


Fuckyerface. said...

the non tourist stuff is where sf is best.

KL said...

home of the dead ;)

turkey said...

haha ya i felt like a kook walking around with a camera at the golden gate bridge and haight n ashbury but had no idea where the cool spots were...oh well. next time

sfvintagecycle said...

Next time drop by our shop. San Francisco Vintage Cycle- we met you guys at the El Camino Show.

By Hand and By Brain said...

awsome Turk!

tonyencalade said...

whats up.last time i saw you was at mammoth(volcom)skate park w/your bro.jeff grosso,matt the moose,jeff etc.its tony,jen & keagen.mihalko(the barefooter was there too)& sarah daneil.i own a condo in south sanjose.next time you want to visit nor cal hit us up.you(& your bro too)can couch surf.skate scene here is good.im riding my lil 1940 h-d 45 right now.my 65 beezer is down & sold my white sporty.1(510)396-9130.late tony encalade

brittany. said...


Vincent Smith said...

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