This week I had to do some work in the Bahamas on the island of Rum Key.
The weather here is a bit nicer than the weather in So Cal. 80 degrees air and 82 water.
The first morning here we went out on the boat to find some waves. As we were leaving 3 bull sharks cruised through in about 4 feet of water right in front of our place where we are staying.
There is a ton of sea life out here and so many sharks you will see one almost every time your out surfing.
The picture of the lagoon is about 50 feet from my room where the sharks come through.
I will try and get some more pics up soon.

Shakas dudes \m/


Little Power said...

Nice pic's, it looks amazing out there.


cend_it. said...

Sweet. What do you mean you HAD to do some work in the bahamas... dont work to hard haha.

KL said...

nice tank top you big gay.

Devin said...

Yo that video above is private so that means no one can watch it brah.
Fix it, I wanna watch it.