santa monica auditorium 


* Raw Power

* TV Eye

* Dirt

* 1969

* Turn Blue

* Funtime

* Gimme Danger

* No Fun

* Sister Midnight

* I Need Somebody

* Search & Destroy

* I Wanna Be Your Dog

* Lust For Life

* The Passenger

* Nightclubbing

* One Two Brown Eyes 

After years of a rock 'n' roll lifestyle taken to the extreme, Iggy Pop decided 1977 was the year to sort himself out. He checked into a mental institution, while David Bowie not only nurtured him back to health, but contributed to Iggy's most successful year after producing both The Idiot and Lust For Life. This gig certified his comeback, in true Pop style. 

From 'The Little Black Book of Setlists'

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