Other side of the world

Me and my good buddy Mitch Asbshire are over in Japan doing some sufing/work.
It's very cold and were headed to north side of japan to a place called Kyota where were surfing for the next week or so with snow on the beach. This is my 5th trip to Japan and always a good time coming over here. The people are super stoked to hang out and always down to have a good time.


olq said...

yeah, i've been in Tokyo and YOKOHAMA for the YOLOHAMA HOT ROD SHOW in december; one of the best i've never seen; japan is great !

Mr. Black said...

how are those doughnut marks on the cross walk?

olq said...

Hey mister black, i've seen the mark, of course ! we had a great surf session yesterday in french riviera ! 2 m glassy offshore 4 men in a water, cold but with 4.3 ... :)
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send me photos of your surfing japan session

olq said...

hey mister black the blog is http://theflyingsassholes.blogspot.com sorry for the mistake