Untitled from S stopnik on Vimeo.

Younger brother Taylor on his new 67 honda 305 chopper.


Joe said...

Ha. Pick those feet up son! Kick ass first bike.

Christopher Roy said...

So rad, wish i was ridin' a chop to my first day of HS! And like Joe said keep them feet up and rubber on the ground!

mind pill said...

that fuckin rocks..........a new zombie is born dead.

jessica stopnik said...

highschool? try middle school, he's only 11 !

Cristian Fuentes Ferrero said...

Nice bike for drive men!!!!!!

Kid Kurpius said...

That's Killer! I'll put that on my list to shoot when I get back to Cali.

DAVEY RIOT said...
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DAVEY RIOT said...

Saw that bike for sale a while ago, glad it's in good hands. Now keep those feet up and ride it like you stole it!

kcnabert said...
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kcnabert said...

whats the name of the band? i need more of this music!

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