Cycle Heads 01

My good friend Hiro sent me this stuff over.


For Sale/ Trade

She's cute but needs a little love.
Contact rat_zombie85@yahoo.com for info or trade offers.


HB annual vintage surf swap.

I cruised down to the annual car show/ surf swap last weekend.
Alot of the same stuff as every year, over priced surfboards that don't get ridden anymore and over polished cars.
All in all there were a couple rad boards and I scored a Carl Hayward on the way out.
It was a good day.


Wanted 39mm narrow glide front end

I need a stock 39mm narrow glide front end. email rat_zombie85@yahoo.com if you got something.


It's all over now.

I've been working on this 93 sporty for the last week and its almost done.
It's fast, simple, and fast. I've never had this new of a bike that starts up every time and rides so smooth.
I guess with bikes, surfing, and skating is not to get stuck on one style of board or bike, but just ride them all and have a gay old time.

To the land of the rising sun

Blue Angel has found a new home.


have a nice day.

Last week I went down to churches and had a good sesh with a few friends.
The first combo south swell of the new year and it was fun.
photos by lightbeer



FOR SALE *******

Simpson storm trooper helmet mint condition.
contact rat_zombie85@yahoo.com SOLD!!!


FOR SALE ****************

Bell RT helmet, decent condition, size 7 1/2.
Will ship anywhere in the world.
Also a Wide glide front end.
Contact rat_zombie85@yahoo.com