Today was a good day...

..for the most part

it was a long day for me today.
LB cycle swap 5:30
12pm The Slam? skate congestion at the cm skate park (i lasted 30 min there and didn't take pictures)
1:30pm off to jason webers for the bbq

bolsa road to swap

kill a hippie. Turn his VW bus into this.

Simpson helmets are out> medieval times gear is in

heres the bad part of my day..

After the swap i had to run over to costa mesa for some skate contest thing going on and
on the way back from the skate contest thing I was waiting at a stop light and someones pet pitbull came running out of nowhere and a truck ran it over right in front of me.
Worst thing i've ever watched. It was all together but really hurt, everybody tried getting it to stay put but it was freaked out and ran/limped off all over the place. I'd get more into details but im just gonna bum myself out and everybody else even more.

Jasons pad for the bbq

his first gen. econoline

Justin's sportster.

it's not too often that you see a perfect hopped up 60's sportster. lots of custom this and that choppers and what not
but seriously this thing is PERFECT. i was kinda trippin on it all day cuz i never see cool semi stock sportsters done just right.


max schaaf said...

watching dogs get hit by cars is the worst

TuRk said...

Ya man it put a bummer on me for a few days, it still does when I think about it

Dr. Deathhead said...

So sad, it is the worst. Even more when it's your own,sad.