Ride em, dont hide em!

It goes for all of it. If you got something bitchen, ride it, don't hide it.
Photo Chuck hultz

holloweeny skate night

Psycho mike made it out

left to right. GG allin (lewis). suicidal mike(psycho mike). Gerry Only (me). Scotty stopnik (troy)

Photo Devin Briggs (tony Alva)


normally I don't take pictures from other blogs but I just couldn't resist...took this beauty of O.J.'s dads machines from jeff wright C.O.C.


I can't believe what im seein!

Jordan from Nor CAl sent me a link to this!
The Cz viewers probably remember seeing a little while back a pretty bad ass little 305 Honda chopper for sale. It was perfect how it was. Unfortunately, whoever got it last didn't think so. Great work bro!


True performance

Photo Adam Ferreira.



For sale 62 falcon futura

Lots of goodies to much to list.... contact joey1bsa@gmail.com for more info


Dragon N Japan

The old mans pan that went to Japan is gettin the right care by Natsuki.
Keepin the dream alive.



Another Shovel For Sale!!!!

1977 flh Shovelhead. rebuilt motor, matching numbers with CA title, brand new super E carb, dna springer, pm breaks, 21" front wheel. Runs Perfect and very fast. Will ship anywhere in the world.
contact stopnik85@yahoo.com for more info. SOLD



We put this bike together a few years back.
I sold it to my buddy Travis and now it's time for you to buy it.
contact travisc1986@yahoo.com for more info.



the shovels out for another week
top of the piston....

skate night


Nothin to do? How bout this!


I met damien at the Van in after everybody left (he got there just an hour too late) super cool dude and a unreal van to go with it.
He and his good buddy Lane drove his dodge here from utah for the van in, he told me Lane was driving while he was finishing carpet work and wiring lights and speakers... I love that stuff man, working to the last minute to finish something you've put heart into. The whole van was completely stripped a week before the show and they busted it all out. So Rad. it would've won the show if it were up to me.

Go to Van creeps to read his story.
It was nice meeting you guys and look forward to seeing you next year.

In N Out bad ass


Man and Machine together a last

Its really cool to see a good friend that always built the most killer bikes but just never had them running good enough to roll them finally be riding down the road on a solid bitchen sickle that only wants to be ridden. ATR

choiniere photo

New Friends

The crew from Shotgun Shack in Yokohama cruised by the other day.



Van Creeps show 2010

Chase from van creeps did an amazing job putting together this event.
So many amazing vans and people. Video coming soon.