Cycler Headz

Mochi has a little spot at the cycle headz mag over in jp, he did an interview on me and scoob while we were over there a few months back. great mag!

thanks mochi! see you soon


Chopperfest family photo...

Michlael Van Pary sent this pic in he shot at the  david mann show.
Thanks dude it was a good day to remember.


Would you look at that

J web- bF3- back to the future- knuckle pre stage

R.I.P Sean Collins

A great loss for the surfing community.
Sean Collins founder of Surfline passed away yesterday from a heart attack.
My heart and prayers go out to his family.


Never Too Late............

So Im building this late shovelhead to try to supplement my income due to this wonderful state of our economy , and my brother decides to fall in love with it! Who Knew........ Enjoy it Todd

Cool never dies

A day late and a dollar short...


Merry Christmas

At least Walmart let us use some 
of the pictures from the commercial....
Ho Ho Homos, and a Merry Christmas to all.


New surf film coming soon...


Slabside love

If you know him you love him.
The Wilbur will be kickin soon...


- Bing Copeland -

He was the man. In and out of the water


For Sale 55 Triumph

For Sale....
My 55 Triumph T 110 is up for grabs. 
I have owned this bike for about 4 years and never wanted to sell it until now.
It's just time to move on and pass it on to someone else.
She runs great, CA title, current registration.....
Contact me if your interested


Front End Time

I've been swapping bars, risers and tube lengths for a while now and I think I'm done.
 Wide glide, sportster clamp, rubber mount risers and low z bars
 Early top tree that a tweaker must have gotten ahold of and drilled holes to take a sportster clamp. I was psyched when I found this, but I could have done it myself so easily
 4" tube extenders. An old dude at the swap meet shuttered when I first came across these telling me I was going to kill myself. He must have read it on the jockey journal
Early speed-holed sportster brake with glide drum. I like it, and it actually kinda works!


Bell Of The Ball

Jack Belli is young cool cat photographer / videographer from newport beach.
He's been doing alot of work for Brixton lately.
the kid shoots some killer stuff.
Keep a tab on him HERE




Bruce Springsteen inspired CZ caps.
Get Some HERE

CZ Fart

My buddy Jacob Came over a couple days ago
and dropped this gift off for me.
This was his first go with the leather tooling, and pretty good if you ask me.
Thanks alot dude, keep at it.


Black N White

Hawaii 11.  Got home a few days ago. Trip was unreal. 
There are so many good waves in walking distance from each other.
Had a great time and can't wait to go back.
Photos. M. Choiniere


David Mann '11

The show was killer, but the ride was even better
The TuRk
Tubbs and Me


Hell on wheels sale

Meatballs over at hell on wheels has a new dvd and calender
Get some HERE


island style

 Bongwater with his bonzer
 Haole pride
Just the tip
 Pipe... Butler would go

Team Brixton hitting the north shores hard
 scrub it kook
 pipeline park
Photo Mitch....
 hawaiin jungle skate jam
 Graveside slip n slide.
 dangerous waters
 epic stairs