Parts For $ale

Narrowglide front end, 21" wheel, right side brake. 3 1/5 Harley tins and fender off 77 superglide.
Bates triumph seat. Triumph 60s/70s pleated red vinyl seat
Contact stopnik85@yahoo.com for questions.


DutchmanPhotos said...

Seat filled with dog poo.. Yee haaw!

theoldepro said...

paypal on its way for the whole front end...-ML

Basher said...

Have you sold the bars, i want them, ship to the UK?

Scotty said...

sorry... frontend, bars, light, wheel all sold. bates seat and tanks still for sale

DevinBriggs.com said...

How much for the parking block?

xiaoouou xiaoou said...

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