*Passion Breeze* AKA "The Crazy Spank"

77 superglide beauty and the beast. I got an email about 2 months ago from my pal Tubbs about a shovel he was selling. A few days later she had a new home. My plan was to keep her stock but it ended up in the pops garage and was down hill from there. A big thanks to Nick DePaolo for getting me the crazy frank fender a real stand up guy, just sending it to me without payment and says "Send me however much its worth to you. Turk for some seat pan fab work, bars, and front end, Joe"dynamite" for orderin some parts, the Nash for givin me the swingarm fever and my pops for puttin way to many hours into this pile and makin it roll down the road.
It turned out better than imagined and rides real smooth. Almost wanna put a cup holder off the bars. Well it's time to shake it down, and get her dirty. I'll post some more pics a little later.