Fortunate son

About 2 years ago me and my pop went in and bought a 68 stroker shovel "THE IRON MISTRESS" the most RoAd DoG-ish
hawg ive ever layed eyes on.
48 pan frame, 6 over adjustable wide glide, apes, two sets of passenger pegs (the low ones were for his wife and the high ones were for his girlfriend he told us) also on it were some chrome 3.5's train horn mounted to the front fender, more trinkets from the road than you could possibly imagine and a beautiful red stained windshield which we still have hangin in the garage.
I took pictures of it the day were bought it and got it running, never uploaded them and then later they got deleted, a real bummer I know.
The 48 frame is now carrying my 48 motor and my pop is running the 68 stroker shovel, the rest of the parts got sold or given away to friends in need. That bike was truly an original piece of machinery.

.......by the way.. did i mention the license plate?

And heres my favorite Ceedance song


96 t shirts delivered to the helm, a little burnt from the pipes but no damage done. mitch photo


Dreams of the sea

A few more pics of the trip. Everyone getting tons of good waves. Surfing, bodysurfing, fishing, and diving. It was a trip that I will remember and hope to return to one day.
Thanks to Riley Cooney for capturing the good times.


New Summer/Spring CZ swag

Thanks to Wes lang for doin the CZ reaper shirt. Really stoked on it and one of my favorite artist out there.
Also Our buddy Chase Stopnik as always comin through with a grip of art for us.
Available now in the CZ Store.

Your package is in the mail

Sorry for the delay on your cz gear. Im back in the swing of things and all items have been shipped out.



Caleb of Cro Customs Has been building rad cycles for as long as I can remember.
I don't even know him that well, but he's always been kind to me and seems like he has his crap together. He's building a bike for the Born free 3 and Im sure it will be unreal.
Thanks to Michael Schmidt for shining some light on people who deserve it.


Home Sweet Home.

10 hour boat ride, 2 hour car ride, 1 1/2 plane ride, another 2 hour plane ride, 14 hour layover in Singapore, 15 hour plane ride and 1 hour car ride home. It was all worth it, best trip of my life, but it sure feels good to be home. It sucks having that empty feeling when I'm away, and times 2 now. Kids grow up so quick. I've only been gone about 16 days and my little girl is so much bigger.
Glad to be home and spending time with my girls.



Big Oscar's Shovelhead Bagger ((( For Sale)))

contact Big Oscar for info Ncaguirre@hotmail.com

since we're updating..

...this is whats been goin on
campin with the fam down southbound... almost didn't make it.

..hippy killer show was after and alot of fun, good people (watching) warm weather (very) and a really good ride there (really)
thanks for having us.

......And dave learned WHEELIES!!! (sorta)


Life on the sea.

Day 8 on the seas. The swell has jumped up, and the water is clearer than a swimming pool.
Surfing about 6 hours every day, diving and an occasional body womp. It's some of the best surf in the world. The more you surf here, the bigger you want it and more chances your willing to take. Thanks to Dave Collyer for the photos.


..skate night is on tonight..

far my favorite person to watch ride a skate board and im sure im not the only one.
Made more tricks and broken more bones... and now building insane skateparks.Ben Schroeder.

Off The Grid

Ive been in the Mentawai Islands for a week now and have nothing to complain about.
Hands down best waves of my life. Uncrowded line ups with perfect waves around every corner.
Photos x Davecollyer.com


24 hours on a plane.

Well Im off to Mentawai islands for a couple weeks.
Can't wait to not where a wetsuits...



Mark it down ->

HK hoedown is a couple weeks away and is such a bitchen ride out there.

get yer chopper set up with nobbies and mx bars and lay it over!

BF3 is after the motor rally and will most likely be the biggest bike show in the US.


Hidden pools

Went on a Arizona 3 day dessert road trip. This was one of the killer places we came across.
Turk Rollin around on his first run.