Fortunate son

About 2 years ago me and my pop went in and bought a 68 stroker shovel "THE IRON MISTRESS" the most RoAd DoG-ish
hawg ive ever layed eyes on.
48 pan frame, 6 over adjustable wide glide, apes, two sets of passenger pegs (the low ones were for his wife and the high ones were for his girlfriend he told us) also on it were some chrome 3.5's train horn mounted to the front fender, more trinkets from the road than you could possibly imagine and a beautiful red stained windshield which we still have hangin in the garage.
I took pictures of it the day were bought it and got it running, never uploaded them and then later they got deleted, a real bummer I know.
The 48 frame is now carrying my 48 motor and my pop is running the 68 stroker shovel, the rest of the parts got sold or given away to friends in need. That bike was truly an original piece of machinery.

.......by the way.. did i mention the license plate?

And heres my favorite Ceedance song

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