Broken tail

A month or so ago a few of us did a road trip out to the Lake Mojave and found this rock.
I decided to entertain them with a jump. It was alot higher than it looked from the bottom. I seriously thought I was gonna die. I survived with a bruised tailbone. The end.


Jeff Wright said...

Thats along way away from the flat of Iowa....Balls.
Ill ride a wheelie to 150, but that jump scares the fuck out of me just looking at it.

Duane Ballard said...

You are retarded and must have balls the size of bowling balls. NO FUCKING WAY would I jump off that.

Scotty said...

Well Duane my testicles are pretty small. They have grown a little since I was 13 when I last was at this rock. I was there with my brother in law and he jumped it and I pussed out. after I walked down the side of the rock he did a backflip gainer off it and almost over rotated .

Danimal said...

This awesome. Totally awesome.