Lil Critter

Alot of you know him as the van creep, but I know him as family. A brother who goes way back. My cousin Chase has been my pal since the beginning. Always interested in Motorcycle but not till about a month ago he pulled the trigger and got himself a real nice 78 shovel. It was a pile at first sight, but the motor and trans were solid. I did what I could as far as stripping it with him and getting it out of my hair to Turk and my dad where they helped him finish it up. Chase transformed this thing into one wicked machine. A real throwback to the 70s chopper on a budget, something that will make people bummed out just by looking at it and more when they hear it. It's no show bike but the real deal. not even 2 months in the build and she's on the road being ridden hard.