New CZ Swag Now Available

New 74 or more t shirts and the patch hats are back in stock. Get em H*E*R*E

Be cool man.

Me and meatballs went out to the track for some ball sweating fun.
Filming a couple clips for Mitch Abshires new film " Be cool Man"


BF ///

Well... it came and its gone . The bf three was a great day. Mike Davis and Grant did a outstanding job. There were so many amazing bikes and tons of friends from far away places. I consumed my time with hot dog on a stick, fishing and t shirt sales that I didnt even have time to take one picture. Thanks to Mark Choiniere for taking a few pics of the day and keeping my back warm with his balls on the ride back.


Im Ready

A ton of stuff going on this weekend. Tomorrow night movie premier at cooks corner. Born Free 3 is here! We will have a booth there with a bunch of junk, so cruise by and say hello. Dice has an after party at cooks corner!! And if your looking for all the hard to find expensive chopper parts for pennies, then cruise out to Long Beach Cycle Swap Sunday AM.


Chomper T roy

Gettin loose in culver city. T Roy... the long lost brother from another mother.



M Drews picture perfect* Photo x Dutchiman

and the waves are always.....

summers here.


On the board new issue. Tina turner and Captain mitch xoxo


Fathers Daze

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there.
photo: Luka sontor


Shovel Madness ((((( For Sale)))))

So my boy miKe D aka Otta Von Blotto has this sh#t box of a shovel for sale. Looks perfect in my eyes! hit him up @ suckaduckpunk@yahoo.com for more info.


chain gang

you ain't ready for this

Dazed and confused

After party just down the street from the BF3.


FOR SALE 68 TRiumph chopper

Up For Sale! "Purple Haze" 68 Triumph tr6 650cc triumph choppper, clear title, runs like a raped ape.
Get it before the the born free show! contact stopnik85@yahoo.com for more info.


Do it in the dirt

Meatballs had his 3rd annual Hell On Wheels Rally,bbq, race day last weekend.
I changed up the 55 trump for the weekend and got loose in the dirt.
A ton of rad people came out to support the cause. My personal favorite was #53, Greg landers, smoking everyone on the track, I came home with a couple souvenirs from the day and can't wait for the next rally.