amazoniam pandamoniam

I'm sure alot of the people who check out this website know who Mark Choiniere is, Not too many know what happened on his last trip to the Amazon river.
To sum it up shortly... taking photos of guys surfing a tidal wave in the amazon river 20 hours from any civilization, boat gets hit by side wave, flips head over heels, all the camera gear at the bottom of the river with the anacondas and left stranded with waiting for a rescue boat for an hour with just a log to hold on to....in the amazon river ahhhhhh. needle fish. anacondas, gators, piranhas and once a year a fresh water tiger shark likes to swim up the river.
Anyways He's okay and has an insane story to tell check him here and also his art show tomarrow night


Chopper James said...
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Chopper James said...

Just yesterday I was looking at some photos on his website, it must have been amazing. Highly Recommended. Mark rules!