Ta Hell with the Man!

One of the uptight fellas that rents in the same complex as my garage is always giving me heat about my bike. I've tried to be cool and it doesn't get me anywhere. He's a lawyer and just doesn't get what I'm into and visa versa. One thing that I know about him is that he likes shooting hoops, but with a little sharpie'n he's into a whole different kinda game...




Davids b day. part two

headin up 73 on my 48' chasin david on his 69'

straight outa LIFE magazine

startin' the ride off just right.

trever: "ahhh you got any gum david?"
david: "ya man I gotcha"

"easy...easy.... don't scratch the paint guys"

gear oil sharpie replacement


which way again?


this spot was definitly better than the first pond.

"alright boys after me"

"how are those new plugs workin?"

Apparently the local fuzz was tipped off by D.E.A. that we were dumping oil on there sidewalks.
And apparently there was a huge motorcycle/car accident right where we were...people dead on the ground, limbs everywhere...we didnt see any of that..weird.

73 home and made it back with only a broken headlight bracket.

all in all it was a super fun day with really good friends that are there to help each other out. happy birthday bud. The End

Its almost done.

Be Cool Man Trailer from Captain Fin Co on Vimeo.


4 Sale or Trade

Old Joe Hunt side mount magneto for alternator shovel. I believe it will work on earlier evo motors too. The mounting tabs are in need of repair, although I used it this way with no problems at all. Also needs a new coil. Priced to sell, will trade for certain parts. contact--



tour le france

JJ Wessels shot a couple pics yesterday. Just a couple people go to the beaches when the sun comes out.


Troy's Birthday Ride part 1

Our good pal Troy turned 21 last weekend so we went for a celebration putt. Heres how it went-
Turkey, Troy, Trevor and I met up early at the gas station. Got coffee, and filled our tanks

Hit the toll road to go out to Ortega

The Critter was having some issues. I fouled a plug coming up the hill and didn't have any good ones to throw in it, so after messing with for a while I got it going long enough to get to the next exit
Good thing I broke down in Aliso Viejo where I'm pretty sure it's illegal to be homeless. If that weren't the case my blanket would have been hobo gold. I chained it up to a fence and hopped on the back of Turks bike

Like Mike D said- "It's not gay if you don't look each other in the eyes, son!"
Birthday boy's killer '69 xlch ran like a champ the whole day

Trevor rode his dad's trump while his chopper is in the shop

Stopped at the food joint on Ortega. This is right around the time of realizing that we didn't get gas before the canyon. D'oh!
Biker style...
Troy's kickstand fell off on the freeway, so he was leaning his bike up on anything in sight
It was hot as hell so we stopped at a swimmin' hole we had heard about. Turks sickle looks really good in this photo
This place rules
Turk getting facialized
I caught a baby frog
Got back to the bikes which all had $5 tickets on them. 5 dollars, Really?
Troy ran outta gas in a really not good spot
The local fire station was within down hill coasting distance and he was able to give Troy and Turkey a little splash to get to the gas station about 12 miles away. Trevor was good on gas and said he didn't need any...

...Trevor ran out...
No kickstand = Team work
We were just able to make it to the gas station, rolling in on fumes

Got back to the Critter which was untouched due to my awesome camo job

We were on the sidewalk trying to diagnose the problem when 2 fire trucks, an ambulance and 3 cop cars pulled up asking if we were okay. "uhh yeah, we're good". Apparently some lady called all franticly saying a car hit a pack of motorcyclists and smashed into a pole and there were dead bodies and severed limbs everywhere. I'm glad she stopped to see that we were okay. The cops went on to say they liked my Easyrider look-alike and were going to give Turk a ticket for illegal dumping of motor oil because his bike leaks a lot. Cop humor I guess...
Couldn't get it fixed, so I chained it up again
Went home and grabbed my van and an iced coffee from 7-11. These things are good!
I recruited Mark to cruise back with me and help me load up
Got the Critter in, went home and went to sleep. A super fun day with with good friends, what more can you ask for?