Just got over to France. Crazy planes, trains, and croissants over here. sunny one day, 100 year storm the next. Its a cool city and I'm in need of a moped to get around.
Me,jj and Madgina are filming the new captain film and getting ready for the Joel Tuder contest in salinas spain next week.
more pics coming soon


mindpill said...

AHHH! the basque coast is my favorite...biaritz, hossengor, lacanau, anglet, san sebastian, mundaka.....so much in such a small area. can`t wait to see the pictures from your trip. be peace.

DutchmanPhotos said...

Fuck we just missed ya.
Have fun my friend!
Hope the weather gets better for you guys..

Blitzkrieg Machines said...

Welcome to our part of the world... If you get tired of the rain and want to go for a drink , hit us up :

Ailton© said...

Welcome in cold-water-Europe :"P no sharks over here just lots of paddling... a good swell is coming up tomorrow in Biarritz - around 5ft+ and it will stay till the end of the afternoon so wake up early & surf this babies... Hang loose!!!