Davids b day. part two

headin up 73 on my 48' chasin david on his 69'

straight outa LIFE magazine

startin' the ride off just right.

trever: "ahhh you got any gum david?"
david: "ya man I gotcha"

"easy...easy.... don't scratch the paint guys"

gear oil sharpie replacement


which way again?


this spot was definitly better than the first pond.

"alright boys after me"

"how are those new plugs workin?"

Apparently the local fuzz was tipped off by D.E.A. that we were dumping oil on there sidewalks.
And apparently there was a huge motorcycle/car accident right where we were...people dead on the ground, limbs everywhere...we didnt see any of that..weird.

73 home and made it back with only a broken headlight bracket.

all in all it was a super fun day with really good friends that are there to help each other out. happy birthday bud. The End

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Lori said...

Your friend in photo #4, is he "thumbing" a ride with his pud?