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this thing's killing me right now

dennis builds BAD bikes... look and see txdennis


Parts sale

Flanders dead stock U shaped brass 7/8 risers. Mint condition. SOLD

Red wing cross lace boots sz 10. SOLD
Red wing cross lace boots sz 11 SOLD

60s mexican vest..girls small. SoLD
60s biker vest original not a repop. about a med girls

Avon 21x2.75 tire. Decent condition. Has some cracking, but still life left in it.

70s King and queen seat.
70s fiberglass painted tank. No cracks or dents. SOLD!

Contact stopnik85@yahoo.com for info/ pricing. Will ship anywhere in the world.


Tough As Nails

Tame The Flame

Long beach Cycle swap yesterday was killer. The best part of my day was seeing this bad ass pop a wheelie into a vendors table, he started his bike back up and did about 5 more wheelies through the swap. It was a solid day


police the police

my long time friend corey/uncle corey shoots great photos, He's been shooting skateboard photos since I met him years ago.
we've been getting are training on in the new pool at etines. here's a photo he shot the other day.

.Look 4 Life.

He's gonna run you over

Sk8 & D3STr0y

Ebay special

If you want a bad ass little scoot this thing is up on ebay with a super low reserve.
------------>Ebay LinK



You've seen it on this here blawg a couple times now. Our good buddy Mark picked up this '76 fl a couple months ago, stripped it down and has been riding the crap out of it every day. Mark was the mastermind behind the CZ x Born Free video and is a really talented photographer as well. Check it out at-----> Crude Behavior

The TuRK

Getting wider...



Party on
Family vans reunited
Rosie frico tank
Trestles special 7:30 am
Philly grill blow out
I've been pullin some long nights and short days trying to get my latest project all dialed for the next big bike show...



A few frame grabs from Matt Chenots new film Melange.