japan part 2

Little wing engineering.
More Indians in one place than i've ever seen. Yoshi does all work on these motorcycles, that includes crank balancing, bottom ends and top ends. I was amazed

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Enoshi's shovel. straight killin' it.

Captains Helm Tokyo. So much rad stuff I could barley stand it.

For Sale (((1977 H.D. flh 1200 )))

This is a real beauty, 22500 original miles, super e carb, electric start, new diehard battery, bike is very clean, has been well taken care of by the same owner for 15 years, current ca. title, matching numbers bike, will ship worldwide and deliver to dock within L.A. area, contact Big Scott @ scottstopnik@socal.rr.com


Be cool man Japan Tour 2012

Pack it kook
Mitch and madge ready to go home after 2 hours in japan
 Fragile KOOK! 
 Dinner of champions

The Turk trying to fly without a passport.

Glass on fins are cool to travel with.


Nathan Fletcher

Getting into a heavy situation at Teahupoo

Movie premier/ Party/ free food!!!

Come out for a movie, music, and FREE FOOD!
Past the word on.


58 BSA Barn Find For Sale


1958 BSA pre unit, A10 golden flash. Been sitting in a barn for the last 25 years, CA title as a 58 BSA,
Bates seats, flanders bars, wassel tank. Starts first kick every time. Runs perfect, 75 mph all day.
registered till 2012

contact stopnik85@yahoo.com for more info


a few from the college

These were my favorite bikes there.

I love these front end set ups, I've never seen one in person before though.

without a doubt the cleanest bike out there. I looked at this one for a while


The Legend

Mr Ricky Barnes. A all around bitchin dude. He still rips on a skateboard and has the right idea for a daily driver. 



C F  with some radical surfing. I still think this is how it should all be done.



Glide magazine

New Glide magazine out now. Thanks to Junji for makin it happen, and Mark Choiniere for capturing the good times like always..

Last week in huntington beach...

new board delivery, plastic fantastic aka The Hawg by Dano

it's a keeper

4x4 + 45 mph + no hands on bars = really sketchy and bent rim

"hey turk how hard would it be to get my old high pipes back on?"

very expensive and very hard to find welding mask

The Critter pipes making a come back!

The cops weren't too stoked about it

cop#1 "these are the most ridiculous bikes i've ever seen"
cop#2 " I would clean this bike up and sell it to get a new bike that works better"


Heads up

Wow... This thing is blowin my mind. I've heard people say sportsters are girls bikes, but I don't think this is.