Last week in huntington beach...

new board delivery, plastic fantastic aka The Hawg by Dano

it's a keeper

4x4 + 45 mph + no hands on bars = really sketchy and bent rim

"hey turk how hard would it be to get my old high pipes back on?"

very expensive and very hard to find welding mask

The Critter pipes making a come back!

The cops weren't too stoked about it

cop#1 "these are the most ridiculous bikes i've ever seen"
cop#2 " I would clean this bike up and sell it to get a new bike that works better"


Ruud said...

Those cops just don't get it..!

Damion Saunders said...

This wins my "post of the day award", which, really isn't much of an actual award, just a sexy pat on the butt... I'll get that to you next time I'm down your way.

alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ha-milton said...

3. Fuck The Police

Tommy said...

High Pipes FTW! What was there reason for the stop?


you guyz are makin them softies look tough man...my 48 softail looks like poo compared to that..

Ailton© said...

Whahahahahaha police clowns!!! I'm pretty sure they make better looking bikes at the police academy :")
Bad Cop = No Donuts

ZZ chop said...

fuck yeah!
love those high pipes!

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