Last week

 Mitch A. with a few new fins from Captain
 Chrome on turds... Still looks like a turd
 Daddy daycare
 Dyno x David Nuuhiwa
 My new love.. 52 pan shove

 Hidden Tiger aka Monty
 1 hour of offshore winds for the year
 C dog in the warp zone
The 2nd newest best thing 83 fx with 5k original miles

Ditchin is Bitchin

Turkey and Mike Anderson stickin it to the wagon wheel ditch on a recent Matix road trip. The bro-cam is in full effect

Opposites attract

should be a cool show. My pal CJ Nelson over at the meadow 
will be doing the surfboards for the show and can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve.


                                     Im getting some ideas.


Widegliden For sale

67 Wideglide Front end, right side brake,  axle and spacers
shaved and ready to bolt up.
Contact stopnik85@yahoo.com for info

Surfin' In Reverse

Our good friend JJ Wessels making it look easy. More rad photos at Dane Peterson's blog -here-


Pass the Dutchie

 Dutchman sharp shooter. Aka " the Italian" aka "Mr. Amsterdam" aka "you from Australia?
 ammo on sale at walmart
 Charlton Heston for president!
 Ditchin for miles
1963 winchester 30 cal.
Went out to the dessert to shoot some guns, skate a ditch, and eat some in n out.
You don't need much more than that. 


...you know it by now

if your in tokyo during halloween you need to be here!


More Picture Here SS.com



This is chopper

NAO is ruling on the trump.

76 Shovelhead Chopper For Sale

1976 FLH Shovelhead,Matching #s CA Title
Current Reg, Runs Great, Daily Rider. Will ship anywhere in the world.
Contact Stopnik85@yahoo.com  for more info


Blueberry Muff

New whip for your lip brother.
9'6 Tyler Riddler Model.
Concave for days, hang ten purple haze


Salon Meritage

Its so heavy reading some of the notes of the family and friends
who lost someone in this horrible event. 
My heart and prayers go out to all the families, friends  and victims 
who have suffered from the seal beach shooting.



righteous dudes doing righteous things, no B.S. needed. they ran a little article on the chain gang from a couple months back.
And damien did the cover art!

support them here



A lot of time has been spent on this thing over the last few months, mostly in the garage and recently on the road. She's running good and everything feels right. Maybe I'll just leave it like this....


Code s 27803 = suck it


its up

Justin is getting rid of his sportster. I've ridden next to him going 80 on this thing and it sounds and looks oh so good contact him atjustinmillarules@yahoo.com for questions.