Pass the Dutchie

 Dutchman sharp shooter. Aka " the Italian" aka "Mr. Amsterdam" aka "you from Australia?
 ammo on sale at walmart
 Charlton Heston for president!
 Ditchin for miles
1963 winchester 30 cal.
Went out to the dessert to shoot some guns, skate a ditch, and eat some in n out.
You don't need much more than that. 


Joop said...

Thats a great friggin' vest!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had the opportunity to hold a gun. I am waiting from my friend on pharmacy community to do it.

Joop said...

Wanna hear a good story?

Today (18-12) I was minding my business, working at a jeans store in Amsterdam sort of doing my thing where I sell jeans and shit.

In comes this guy, with a brown CZ trucker on. So I says great cap! He says Hu? How do you know them? Well i'm sorta a Cycle head and among others, I follow their blog. He continues, I know those guys they are my friends. I go, no shit? He says, and I was there not so long ago, went shooting with those guy's. I went no way with that guy wearing the patched up vest? He Go's yeah thats it and the guy in that shoot holding the shotgun is me...

So here I am making a "second" comment on a blog post that I reacted one and a half month ago. I've been getting inspired by you guys for quite a while now. And I rarely comment! But it hat to be this blogpost & Dutchman. Go figure!

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