chase "turk bro how does my cape look?"
me "lookin' good dude bro just don't get it caught in yer...."


dracula road a shovel

and georgypoo breaking in his new but old shovel


Sickleboy said...

I know a guy that dressed up as superman and figured if he sat on his cape it would be fine ( I want to add at this point that the cape was tied around his neck) when he woke up ...next to his bike in the road he had a really sore neck and a scratched up sickle, when his ears started working again he heard somebody shout " you ok buddy?" he replied yeah fine I think and thats when the laffter started ....from ALOT of the balconies that wre attached to the apartment building he went down in front of lol He said it was the single most embarassing thing he ever did and I added the stupidest as well lol ( true story that took an hour of convincing to hear)play hard , Sickleboy

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