Chrome Dome

Well Jeramiah from Love cycle asked us to be apart of the
his show this year and this was the cycle that we got together for it.
It's a kick in the balls.
51F, 19" over harley springer thanks to my pal Blotto Mike D
and T bone at Noise cycles for doing a incredible job replacing the stem.
Chase painted the ttank my pops lacing up some wheels and wiring it, and the turk making it even harder to ride with a jockey shift
It turned out bad ass and is unreal to ride.
Thanks alot to Love cycles for having us out there and putting on a great show.


ND said...

family pan... good stance rad ride dang-o!!

antihero1972 said...

that was one of my favs at the show. Thanks for the beanie and pins guys..

Matt Jackson said...


Radical Twin said...

nice pics !
more girls, pin-up and bikes ?
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Richard Majece said...

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