CZ Bikes From The Past

A few of the bikes that have been 
built, bought, sold, traded, crashed, lost, loved and hated.
I wish more of them could have stuck around.


-BaRoN- said...

would have made a nice collection

antihero1972 said...

insane how many you guys have had. I would love to have just one. whihc do you miss the most?

Scotty said...

Ya they would make a nice collection, but you got to have a lot of bread to keep em all. snake piss was one of my all time favorites, but seriously the blue rd 400 was scary fun to ride.

WhitelinePsycho said...

The family that builds together stays together . . . a rich and honest portfolio . . . funny how the green Trumpy still hangs in the front of my mind since seeing it on Kid Kurpius' blog ages ago, great work guys, look forward to more.

TuRk said...

Would it kill you to take pictures from a higher angle!?

DX said...

hey who does all your seat upholstry ? especially the tuck low porfile king queen?

sin said...

I always liked and wanted that Honda Chopper.Totally missed out on buying it.
The blue triumph with the trident sissy bar was sick too.
Great set of photos.

The Roller said...

you could always replace what you've sold off with the Hot Wheels set.

easy for people with minimal crumbs. as well as minimal spaceage.

Scotty said...

Ya... or replace em with a family

Tealo said...

Wots the bike in the 7th pic from the top with the green van behind it???

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