New Store


                                          just started a little junk online store.
                                    I will be updating it with whatever i'm finding 
                                                    so keep checking back..     
                                                        ---> ThE Rat HoLe


The Roller said...

How good is this?

Capitalism is alive and well!

Good on 'ya, Scotty, as well as your familia.

.... and everything you do!

Ayasha Kieth said...

Hello there Scotty! Wishing you tons of good luck with your newly formed online store. Hope your business will be a great success!

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scott said...

Cool stuff! Hey - the german badge with snakes is a "partisan hunter badge" figured you'd wanna know. good luck with the store


dude i want that buzzard pin....

Chico said...

hey Scotty,
let me know when you have more of those small iron cross necklaces in. was gonna buy one today for my B day.