Roller #03

Heres a sneak peak of the newest Roller Magazine #3
  A ton of bad ass bikes, and alot of familiar faces in this issue.
Go and find a copy to see the rest.



This Weekend X Deus Fun

A day late...

but it doesn't matter what day it is. Thank you 

Salad Days

Its been about a week in japan for me
This has been one of the best times over here.
So many new friends, foods, places,good times and more to come.
The guys over at Roller magazine are bitchin dudes that really get what's going on.
Thanks for the good memories today.


these guys rule

If your in the area, or on a business trip, or are really picky about your sushi , stop by the Tokyo breakfast meet.


Justin stopped by on his freshly painted sportster last night and I got a couple things done in the garage... good seein ya buddy!



Marky just picked up a bad ass '71 shorty

Japan Bound

Me and Jackie boy re going to party for a couple weeks in japan.
Stay tuned.


BF X JL X M Choiniere

 Jeff is building some wicked cycle for the big bf4 show. 
This video gives you a little idea of what your in for.
Can't wait to see it when its done.


Golden hour

Golden night last fall, This evening lit up crazy.
Offshore winds were blowing on North side of HB pier 
 and Catalina Island felt like it was a mile away.
M lallande took this picture and really captured the moment of that sesh.


Tokyo Breakfast

Mochi is putting on the 4th tokyo breakfast on the 27th of this month.
  I dont think the pan shovel would make the ride there but i definitely wish it could.
here's a video he threw together from the last breakfast he held.
   thanks buddy see you soon!!


New Flame

Feathered Iron tanks had some serious rust issues.
I've been kicking these around the garage for a little and they
are really are lookin bitchin tight now. 




Joe Hursts 'black bear', tough as nails. MC Art