Home at last

My pops and I did a road trip to pick up a load of stuff.
It was a well worth it trip. We came across so much rad stuff.
We broke down for 2 days.  I thought we were never going to make it home.
Looking back on it, I would do it all over again, with the old man.
It was a trip that I'll always remember.


shawn - Imperial House said...

How about you sell me that springer in that last pic?

Scotty said...

The springer, the 64 pan, and the wishbone are staying with me, the rest of it me and my pops have to rock paper scissor for.

The Roller said...


it could have been worse.

and, you could have done better. ;-)


shawn - Imperial House said...

Good stuff man! Had to ask. That springer is offset, right? Be great!

Melissa said...

dang.. thats good times man.. great score.