For Sale* 1966 early shovel

 One owner bike, 32000 original miles, clear matching 66 flh hd title.
Bike is unmolested, unrestored, untouched .
it was used as a police bike back in the day and put in a barn for the last 25 years +
I can ship wordwide
Contact stopnik85@yahoo.com for more info.


reefblue said...

Sell it to Japan bro!

Scotty said...

you got it blue balls

The Roller said...

Whoever you sell that ride to, you'd best insist they sprout a porn actor or dirty cop mustache to make it complete.

Oh, and have tunes from Frankie goes to Hollywood on permanent replay.

Uchiha Madara said...

very zombie-ish bikes lol
check out some zombie games in here http://flashshed.com/