Alone in the ocean with some hidden gems.
Photo X D Martin



Beach days #2

Go out and find yourself a copy of beach days
Stoked on the good job they did with it, and happy to be apart of it.


few years back, my buddy Pete and his little boy.
Photo X Kyle Lightner


Yellow CZ beanies

CZ Beanies back in stock, and bright new stupid colors.
Check em out HERE



    Been lagging around here lately, gonna try to tighten up the screws a Bit, blue locktite and all.

So far 13 has been real sweet and here are some photos to prove it. 
 First off, went up to Oakland for Max's 69 mile ride. such a good time, so many new and old friends and so many good miles ridin with them. Thanks for the hospitality dood. 4Q .

                                     Skate missions all your buds packed in the van, there's nothing better.
                  Jason Webber of ATR enterprises gave me my virgin tattoo and my dad didn't punch me or him. STOKED. thanks dood.

                                                        Tradesmen got squirted
            Daewon killing it as usual..


This FRiday night, free mags, foods, and drinks.


L o V e 4

                                                   I t S  tHaT TiMe aGaIn  LoVe  F oUr



Looking for an 18" 12-spoke mag for the front like the ones seen here. Let me know if you can help chasestopnik@yahoo.com


B O R N F R E E 5

So Stoked to be part of this show among some of the bests and most talented builders!
Makes me wanna go far away on a motorcycle


Beached Days

Well Issue #2 of beached days is almost out.
Ill keep you posted on the launch party for it.