Been lagging around here lately, gonna try to tighten up the screws a Bit, blue locktite and all.

So far 13 has been real sweet and here are some photos to prove it. 
 First off, went up to Oakland for Max's 69 mile ride. such a good time, so many new and old friends and so many good miles ridin with them. Thanks for the hospitality dood. 4Q .

                                     Skate missions all your buds packed in the van, there's nothing better.
                  Jason Webber of ATR enterprises gave me my virgin tattoo and my dad didn't punch me or him. STOKED. thanks dood.

                                                        Tradesmen got squirted
            Daewon killing it as usual..


Albert-one said...

cool bike, good friends, this is the LIFE!! RIDE ON

Cyrus said...

that's how it gets!

jason webber said...

this could be a good year if things keep going at this pace!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Been lagging around here lately, gonna try to tighten slackline chile up the screws a Bit, blue locktite and all.

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