Dated and confused

... Justin's xlch in front of the pad
 Can't wait to be doing more of this soon..
 When everyone goes right, go left.
 My Econoline, built and sold..... "thats like the scooby doo van"  heard over 1000 times
 Mexico injuries 500 miles south of the border.. havin' fun
 The big man and I about 5 years ago, I loved my triumph.
 Jason let me brand him, big mistake on both our parts
 Saint vitus.
 Saint Instagram
 Mumma and the 55 going southbound.
Little Barstow when he was a fuzzball.


WhitelinePsycho said...

I remember the Trumpy from Kurpius' shots, yeah, it was perfect.

lucky23design said...

That sporty is perfect.

DutchmanPhotos said...

I miss you.

Cool shots & good memories brotha!