Choppers of the sea

I stopped by the annual Huntington beach car show and vintage surf swap this morning.
A ton of really neat boards, and cars.
Its kinda funny, I was talking to one gut about a board he had for sale, I looked up at the waves and told him it would probably be a blast to surf the board today, and the dude looked at me like not a clue to what I was talking about, then he figured out that I was talking about actually riding the board.
He laughed and replied" I dont surf these boards, there collectors items". He had probably 25 boards in his spot.
Its kinda the same in the motorcycle world with bikes, people have em to clean, take em to shows, but when you ask em how they ride, they look at you like your a dumb ass.
Anyways I guess were not suppose to ride these boards I found out today,  There not all like this, but 90% of these people are.
Moral of the story is ride em don't hide em.


Melissa said...

damn strait..

WhitelinePsycho said...

Only a non rider knows the feeling . . . wtf is that shit ???