For the love of love

Thanks Jeremiah and congrats on another year, I know there are many, many more to come for you! These are the ones form my phone, I took a ton of photos but haven't gotten them developed yet-

First stop in Banning, Ca. If you're ever hungry going thru there stop at Gramma's Country Kitchen, it won't disappoint

Picture perfect gas stop

Turk got a flat in Blythe, Ca. He/we got lucky in more ways than one 

Made it! Jeremiah greeting us with open arms

Turk on Ryan's ruling sportster

Bartlett Lake

These epic dudes rode 1800 miles in mostly rain to be here and get rained on some more. Can't say enough good stuff about them


2 up on the road to reception

Ryan and Hanna



My alternator went out on the way home, luckily I have some really good friends with trailers! Thanks Dugan, I owe you one!

Again, thanks Jeremiah, can't wait til next year!


Albert-one said...

shame not to be there!!!

LoveCycles said...

thanks so much sir chase a lot see u again soon hoolmes love jeremiah

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