First Kick

Cycle Zombies Born free 5 bike fires up from S stopnik on Vimeo.
Waiting for the paint to come back and she's finished.


throw it in reverse...

may 5 or 6 years ago when toru from moon eyes shot some riding photos for the yearly moon eyes mag. I've always loved toru's photos.


Born Free 5 Update

Wheels are got laced yesterday, the wheels are on, and its really starting to come together.
june 29th you will have a chance to win this motorcycle.
More photos to come daily.


BF5 1947 show knucklehead

Here's a few photos of the knucklehead for for Born free...
 Chrome is back and we are extremely happy with how it came out. 
 T-bone helped out with the pipe subtle pipe bends and man I can't wait to hear those things!!!
Harpoon is underway with a very classy early 60's custom style paint job on our molded up banana wassell tank.

time is ticking..


The weathers nice.... Lets go campn.


Happy Birthday Buddy, hope you have a great day.


Cutbacks are overrated.


Hell On Wheels 2013

Hell on wheels 2013 was a great time, every year theres more people, more crashes, and faster bikes.
Thank you meatballs for putting a great event on.
photos by Matt welsh, and Cari bagdonas