My Bike - Problem Child

1960 FL with '66 heads. With a molded '50 wishbone frame and '48 Indian Chief girder extended 8" over. Sissy bar home made in the 60's in Nashville, Tennessee with a real WW2 bayonet that you can pull out. Back wheel and fender from Oklahoma City and the Bates seat is from my buddy Steve who bought it new in 1973! A lot of the other parts came from friends and family. I had a lot of fun collecting all the parts to piece together the bike. Still working out the kinks but is a fun ride!


Cyrus said...

So Fuckin cool!


always doin that shit up bitchin man....mucho love man..

max schaaf said...

killer scoooooooter

Huber said...

Love yer bike.
Love Chris

Nick Scott said...

This bike still trips me out.
Always Inspiring Chase

Albert Stacy said...

Cool bike. I also have my fathers bike and really have fun with that. But the maintenance cost of these bike are little high as their parts are not easily available. Even these bikes have some good reviews.

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