Very Happy to be going to the Moon Hot Rod Show this year.
and even more stoked for my pops to be going with the Knuckle 


For Sale**** 79 Shovelhead chopper

79 fx
 shovel. Matching numbers, Clear title, as 79 HD with current registration 
21 spool front wheel, 16 rear wheel,black powder coated rims with stainless spokes front and Back, 6 over shaved front end, pull back bars, aris headlight, 70s twisted struts, Dunlop challenger rear tire nos,
Bike is running and ready To ride, also completely rewired. 



77' / 78' / 79'

Some beautiful machines in these 3 easyriders of the late 70's.


Stuff I Like

These are some of the bikes that have really got me inspired lately


Zombie Child is alive
My good buddy and photographer Derek Bahn 
shot a couple pics of the knuckle the other day and it really does it some justice.
Big Scott really nailed the idea we all had wanted to see with this build.
Big thanks to all who helped us along the way.
Scott T Bone Jones *Noise Cycles*
Haifley Brothers on the seats* Harpoon nailed the paint work, as well as Mike and Grant for putting on a great show *Born free*   

The Rosebud

The Rosebud.
1955 Triumph T110.
I've probably owned this bike the longest out of all my bikes
Nothing fancy, just a bunch of old parts thrown together.
Just trying to make the Fonz proud.


Gringo Helmet from Biltwell

The New Gringo Helmet from Biltwell is pretty bitchin.
A certified DOT helmet that fits good, and is still slimmed down.
Thanks guys for keeping my melon safe.
Check  out all the Biltwell helmets HERE


Go Go Go

Go Takamine showing us how its done with style, Brat style

HBJ Movie #013 Brat Style Go Takamine from KOUICHI NARITA on Vimeo.