Coast to Coast to Coast

A few months ago, after a little bit of talk with my good friend Chris, we decided we were going to ride to New York from So Cal. He had a '91 FXR and I hit craigslist and found a super low mileage '92 883 Sportster. If I was going to do this, you better believe its going to be on some sort of chopper. I extended the forks, painted it, made a new seat and sissy bar and got a turn key ignition to clean up the bars. 

We hit the road on a cold, foggy morning with Turk who saw us out of Orange County and we were on our way. Here's some of the photos I took. I didn't really take any the first day, but here's day 2 in Utah through a few national parks. Definitely some of the best, most beautiful and exciting roads I have ever been lucky enough to ride. 

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Heading into Denver, Colorado

Just over state line in Nebraska

Yard sale in North Platte, Nebraska

Des Moines, Iowa

Found some rain in Ohio and on through into indiana

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Getting into Brooklyn the day of the Invitational

Shiny New York bagger, and Max's Oakland chopper in the back. Different strokes for different folks

Our friends Adam and Tony brought Chris and my skateboards out for us. A true solid friend move. We had so much fun skating around the city, eating pizza and trying not to get ran over, I'll never forget it

Unfortunately, Chris' FXR was hurting pretty bad after the 3,000 miles we had already done and he decided to ship it home and fly back from New York. I had such a good time with this dude. He's always in a good mood and by far one of the most genuine, patient and giving people I know. I'm completely honored to call him a friend

It was time to keep moving so I went at it alone...

This night my buddy Oliver put me up at his place in Baltimore, Maryland, but my camera died so I don't have a photo, but it is hugely appreciated! I headed down and stayed in North Carolina at my brother and sister in law's house for 3 days. It was amazing. Nothing beats southern hospitality

Got back on the road and headed to Asheville, North Carolina to meet up with Eddie at his work. Then we took his daily route to and from work...

I was blown away with the ride. Must have been the most amazing 50 miles of my life, and he gets to ride it every day. Then we pulled over at this waterfall and swimming hole off the side of the road...

Eddie put me up for the night at his house in Erwin, Tennessee and I cut out west the next day. Made it to Nashville around lunch time and ate at one of my favorite BBQ spots anywhere, Jacks on Broadway. Nashville rules

Got back on the road and made to Memphis by sun down

I love Tennessee

I don't like Little Rock, Arkansas as much...

Found some sun and let it all dry out

Somewhere in Oklahoma. From this point on, you can buy a dream catcher on every corner. Don't think that I didn't

Welcome to Texas, hit the cruise control

Somewhere in New Mexico

Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona

Living at the beach in California, its not very often you get to ride into the sun, watching it go down. It's beautiful, surreal and scary all at once

Mixed emotions at this time

Coming back home I truly feel a humbled and grateful, with a head and heart full of memories I will cherish forever. This is such an amazing country that is wide open for whatever you want to do with it. I feel truly blessed to be able to call America my home and have a family and friends that support me. A lot of people told me this would be the ride of my life. I hope not. I hope it's just the beginning 


FLA0215 said...

so rad Chase

FLA0215 said...
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Aaron Hoffman said...

Thanks for sharing

WhitelinePsycho said...

Utterly wonderful, huge trip man, great shots and narrative . . . love the 'under tanker' shot. Thanks.


Yeah I also like soloride through the states, see u in april

jason webber said...

epic...I hope next time I can be a part of it.

Pacman said...
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Pacman said...
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Pacman said...

CZ Doing it!!! Love you guys!!