Big Scott And Taylor went to the Les Petroleurs  bike show in south of France  a couple weeks ago and had an amazine time.
Thanks so much to Marko and friends for showing them around town and taking such good care of them.


1957 FL

My other bike, the LIL DEVIL. '57 FL motor with '63 outside oiler heads. '48 wishbone frame and '46 Indian Chief girder. 'Triumph" tank, all old paint and old parts.


1965 XLCH

I recently found and bought this bike. It was sitting in a hoarders bedroom in Arizona. Its a '65, painted and molded in '68 and left sitting since '73! An early magneto xlch has always been a dream bike of mine and I'm so happy to finally have one


Bitchin weekend with so many good new and old friends.
A few skateparks, lots of old junk, and good times.
heres a few pics and a video of pretty much sums up the weekend.


2 swapmeets 1 weekend!!
check out the handford swapmeet and bike show this saturday, 
and Nor cal cycle swapmeet in Sac town sunday.


Shop Stairs

Shop Stairs In Korea is dialed with all the Spring CZ goods.
Thanks for the support...


Born Free is around the corner, Im getting excited to see some cool
 bikes this year from a bunch of different people. 
I dug the riding shots in the vid, 
and think this dude has a good idea of building a bike 
for the show, and then riding it across the country. 
Can't wait to see the bike you build bobby, Good lux.