About a week ago I got back from a trip with STANCE Socks to Osaka and Tokyo. It was so much fun, heres some photos I took along the way.

Went to lunch at this crazy high up restaurant in Osaka. I was stoked my girlfriend Nikki was on the trip
33rd floor

Marky C with the nose slide

Yuki's shovelhead is bad ass

Coolest Buco jacket

Tets and Mochi. Good friends!!!

Mochi on his Panhead and Tets let me ride his 44 knucklehead. Such a fun and fast bike, its a stroker! Thanks dude!

Gen, Mark, Tetsu, Me, Mochi, Yudai
Tokyo Chopperers

I added some art to Vostok's dressing room in Harijuku

My art on the left, Skop on the right

Good times, thanks to everyone for taking care of us. Thanks STANCE for making it all happen. We look forward to Mooneyes Yokohama in a couple weeks!!